Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Once Is Enough

So with my diploma drawing closer each passing day I have been spending much time having quiet reflection. Being a grade twelve student I have adapted the belief that, "I'm a grade twelve I do what I want." Nevertheless I believe Peter Pan was on to something with "Neverneverland" and the Lost Boys.

This weekend I attended one of my last 4-H events as a delegate, Provincal Selctions in Olds, and it was monumental. 4-H has been such a large part of my life, even before I was nine years old and could join, that it seemed like it could not really be ending. The funny part, it now it really is just a new beginning. I was lucky enough to become one of the 14 new ambassadors and a spot on the trip to Toronto with one of my best friends Jenalee. It is well known that I cry at the end of every camp, however this time I kept it together better than usual. It made it pretty clear to me that 4-H is not really ending, but I'm at a point in my life where I don't need to worry about it being over. I know what 4-H has given me and that I will never lose it.

Additionally today was my last dance competition. I have been dancing since grade one. Those twelve years have really shaped myself as a person. I know the five plus hours I have spent each week from September to May every year were well spent. This competition I recieved three golds, and an Outstanding group award for my lyrical routine. It was an excellent way to round off my career. As my group, the three girls that have become my best friends and a teacher who is someone I can turn to no matter what, discussed next years routine, it hit me, life would go on. I am so scared of the day when I don't have dance class to work my frustrations out on the floor but I know I'll be okay. I just can't imagine not having them around because we have been a unit for so long.

There is precisely seven days until my eighteenth birthday where I will become a legal adult and ten days until my high school graduation. This leaves me wondering, where has the time went? I can still remember my first day of grade one and my itchy white socks. I remember my first bus ride and how scary it was to make new friends. Now however, I only wear fuzzy socks to keep my feet happy. I can drive much to everyone's surprise, with a valid drivers license and I like to think I know everyone.

I guess what I'm hoping you get out of this post is the fact that time flies and you better make everything count. You only live once, but if you life life to the fullest that once is enough.


  1. Congratulations on becoming an ambassador it is no easy task and I know that you will not only represent your region well but also our province. Being aware of you sensational attitude, ambition and devotion I know that you are going to do great things even after dance and 4-H have pasted. And happy belated birthday! Katelyn

  2. Katie, I went through so many of these things too. I know you'll stay active in agriculture and I hope you can find a way to keep on dancing. I took some college classes. Good luck!